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Fitness Lockers Project In Oman

We Jialifu are proudly presenting our fascinating design of lockers for the gym fitness centre in Oman. Jialifu would offer 206 sets of fitness lockers for the gym in Oman. Before Mr. Ammar who from the gym decided what lockers to order, Jialifu provided free room design, free 3D pictures and installation support of the lockers for reference with professional and rich-experienced suggestions. It is totally customized. The locker materials we recommended is HPL board which can make sure of the safety and stress bearing of the locker also can stop the water from permeation, fire from burn and bacteria from affection. Besides, the locker inside is equipped with the clothes rail for hanging the clothes.

The unique design of Jialifu  Z shape Lockers are perfectly suitable for changing room in gym.The Z shape locker  is composed by two similar panel whose lower edge and the top edge are fitted in with each other to form a “Z”. This layered structure is designed for setting the shoes. And inside the construction is followed with the edge of the door. Due to the special shape, this kind of locker is fashionable and original with a broad application.  For placing clothes and shoes with breathability and ventilationslot, we choose to slot at the bottom of the lockers. It can either place the long but small things like the golf clubs, umbrellas and cue sticks or you can place the small objects like a purse, a notebook, a cup, a hat and so on. This kind of fitness lockers provides a convenient place for people to store their belongings but require for safety.

Project Overview:

Material: 12mm thickness compact laminate panel                                                      

Size: Overal Height=2400mm, Depth= 450mm, Width= 600mm

         Overal Height=2400mm, Depth= 450mm, Width= 300mm

Color: Yellow and black                                                          

Accessories: Key lock 1; Soft closing hinge