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The door options in Jialifu, the hpl locker manufacturers can be divided into the single tier lockers, double tier lockers, three tier lockers, four tier lockers, five tier lockers and six tier lockers

We Jialifu provides the hpl lockers with the door options from single tier to six tier. The following displayed  are some of our common styles which are popuplar with our customers. Of course, we can also accept the style customization and provide the free 3D drawing as the reuirement from customers.

Single tier locker

Suggest usages: 

The single locker is considered to be more capacious and personal. The bottom is able to place the shoes or something easily in reach. It is a good choice to hang your long items such as the coats, scarf, belt, etc. It can be seen in high-end clubs and fitness center.

Double tier lockers

Suggest Usage:

The popular choice for sports and office use for the room requirements, while the cloths rail can make sure the cloths not in corrugation. Suitable for school and employee dormitory.

Three tier lockers

Suggest Usage:

The size compared relatively smaller lockers seem to be popular for yoga studios and some company fitness room.

Four tier lockers

Suggest Usage:

Smaller lockers suitable for placing the items small but multiple that need to be classified such as the hospital and school.

Five tier locker

Suggest Usage:

The locker divided into a row of 5, smaller lockers mean that the small room for storage. The plaza or large-scale shopping center can find the lockers all around.

Six tier lockers

Suggest Usage:

The smallest size locker Jialifu can make for machine restriction. Safe and durable for usage, best fit for super markets and as the file storage. 

Z lockers

Suggest Usage:

Special Z shape design indoors is made for the gym and golf clubs. Popular for hanging the long items and place sports goods of fitness center.


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