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The most widely used material for locker is HPL panel, while plywood also can be used for lockers, but there are few people familiar with it. Today JIALIFU will introduce plywood lockers.

Plywood is made from multiply solid wood, whose formaldehyde release a quantity to reach E1 level, no harm to health and environment.

Actually, plywood is good material for lockers, for its good performance in water, rust resistance, as well as light weight, suitable for both wet and dry environment.

As daily use, it is easy to maintain and clean. You just need to dampen a soft lint-free cloth, and clean the dust on the cabinet with it, using a mild soap if necessary.

You don’t need to worry about the use life, because plywood lockers can be used 8-10 years, extremely durable.

JIALIFU plywood lockers are popular by our customers. We offered plywood lockers for Pro Gym Fitness in Mozambique. Aleksander, the manager of this project, was satisfied with our plywood lockers, whose size is (H)1800*(D)400*(W)1200, 152 sets in total.