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Assembled or Unassembled locker?

Most purchasers may meet the same problem that whether they should but the lockers assembled or unassembled? Some people may think to buy the assembled lockers is more convenient than buying the unassembled while some may feel that the assembled locker will safe the time and energy. Actually, there is no right answer to the problem. But the certainty is that both of them have the advantages and disadvantages. To make the decision a little bit easier for you, here are some points for reference.

About the assembled lockers

It is no doubt that the assembled lockers will save you time, labor costs and effort because all the installation problems have seen solve before shipment.

To make all parts into an intact locker by yourself costs you more time and effort, you will need to connect and tighten between 45-60 nuts and bolts per vertical column for each locker you purchase. Assembling a locker requires getting lots of parts and pieces to correct positions, which requires you to learn about the process and how to do. It may be understandably frustrating at times.

You will worry that the assembled lockers will be damaged during the long distance transportation and they occupy a large-scale space which make them inconvenient for removing.

Some of our Jialifu locker customers said that they were delighted with our lockers, but they wish they would have ordered the assembled instead of the unassembled as it took longer than expected to put them together, required more manpower and was a bit of a frustrating experience.

About the Unassembled lockers

If you want to buy a small quantity of lockers, assemble the lockers by yourself will be much cheaper and also cost less on the shipment and freight.

If you’ve built any kind of pre-fabricated wood furniture before (computer desk, entertainment center, shelf unit, etc.), you’ll be able to assemble a locker.

Putting a locker together can be a fun project to complete with your kids! You’ll have a great sense of accomplishment once you see that beautiful lockers come from your hands. We actually recommend that residential customers purchase unassembled lockers (especially for our popular kids locker products) because many can be shipped via UPS, which costs much less than shipping via standard freight carriers.

We will also give the installation instruction and video installation guidance for the unassembled locker buyers so that they have the installation secure.

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