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The feature comparison with two kinds of locker materials

We all know that there are so many materials can be made into locker and do you often matter by which material is more suitable for the place you want to place? BTW, how much do you know about the locker material?

Well. Today, lets talk about thees two kind of locker materials, they are the hpl panel locker and aluminum panel locker.

a. The common point of them is that they both are synthetic material

b. They both can perform well in humidity-proof

c. The hpl locker can resist acid and alkali in certain degree while the aluminum can not

d. The key that people focus on is the anti-impact, the former material is good at impact resistance and the later one is delicate for great impact

e. As for the load-bearing intensity, the hpl locker is no problem for the heavy load while the aluminum panel locker will have distortion.

f. They both two break even in fireproof

g. The compact laminate is with extremely high density which can protect the material from dirt penetrating. The aluminum panel is the same as it.

h. Special synthetic materials play well in moth-proof in general cases

i. The hpl locker is almost no color difference but the aluminum panel locker is largely affected by painting

j. The compact laminate is an environmental protection material and the aluminum painting will release the formaldehyde

k. The two materials are with the same clean construction environment and short construction period

l. The hpl locker has longer service life than the aluminum locker

m. One of the outstanding feature, the low maintenance makes it beat the aluminum panel.

n. The compact laminate is with a great variety of color for selection and the aluminum locker only with the plain colors

o. Of course, as for the cost, the former one has to spend more than the later one

To purchase a merchandise requires to consider different factors, but all of decisions are on your hands, if you want to choose the durable and safe locker, you can choose the hpl locker. If you want to choose the economical and light locker, you can choose the aluminum locker.

As for me, I would rather to choose the hpl lockers. And you?