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Do A School Really Need the School Locker?

With more attention on education, an increasing number of people realized the importance of the school locker, although some don't think so. In Jialifu's opinion, schools actually need school lockers. The reasons are following.

First, the school locker could lesson students' burden. In primary schools, middle schools and high schools, students nearly have 7 classes one day, so they need to bring 7 books at least, which must be a burden for them. Lockers at school can be set for them to storage textbooks, then they don't need to bring books everyday.

Second, the school locker could bring convenience for students. In college, there are many clubs and associations, such as music club. Students who partcipate music club have to carry their heavy music instruments. If there are lockers at school, they could storage their instruments.

Third, some P.E. teachers would ask students to wear sportswear when they have P.E. classes, so students need locker room to change clothes, and need changing room lockers to storage their clothes.

Finally, the school locker can develop students' innovative thinking. Locker decoration is popular at school, which can develop students' ability of design.

All in all, the school locker will bring much convinience to students.

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