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Do you choose correctly of the school shoe locker ??

The students are the future hope in the world, they are a group of teenagers full of energy and creativity, they are great asset to our society, their life and body should be protected and cared during their school time.

Therefore, no matter in which country, the government always thinks important highly of the infrastructure construction for students in school. Such as the school shoe lockers. Most schools will bring in he shoe locker for the student in some superior schools. The shoe locker can be marked with number on the panel so that the students can remember which locker belongs to them and to prevent from mistaking with their own shoes.

In the general circumstance, there are two kinds of lockers will be chose as the shoe lockers, one is the metal locker and the other one is the hpl locker. Which material is better for the students?

The metal locker seems more bright and lighter than the hpl locker, while the noise the metal locker making is louder than the hpl locker. The school always strengthens about the quiet campus and a comfortable study environment, if someone makes the noise by accident from the metal locker, it will often cause the attention and eyesight from the other students. On this occasion, he or she will feel embarrassed or sorry for disturbing others. While the hpl locker will not cause these problems, it is made by the solid phenolic kraft and facing with the hpl sheet, the high density makes the material heavier than the general materials, which is with the function of water, fire and corrosion resistance. Besides, due to the heavy weight and hard panel strength, the hpl shoe locker is quite stable and hard to remove, also, it is not easy to deform unlike the metal locker.

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