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Double tier lockers----suitable for school dormitory

Most of the schools around the world will provide the dormitories for their student to bring more convenience and create a harmonious atmosphere.

And why I mentioned that the double tier lockers are suitable for school dormitory? It is because that the double tier lockers are affirmed as the most popular st yle in our Jialifu school lockers from a lot of cases. As the name shows, the lockers are ideal for any type of schools. Of course, they are also the great and secure solutions for the employee lockers, gym lockers, hospital lockers and any other kinds of lockers basically any other space as you can think of.

These lockers are made of the hpl laminate panels which makes them durable and strong enough to withstand the rigorous school life (or any space where you choose to use them ). The students can put their books, hats and other personal items and interior hooks for full-length storage of backpacks, bags, clothing and overcoat in it without worrying that the locker will have moth or turn to be humid. They accept electronic locks, combination padlocks and key locks, all of which include master key control features for administrative access.

We Jialifu have many sizes and colors available in stock, but we offer lockers in virtually unlimited sizes and colors as long as you give us a little extra time to manufacture them. Of course, we also accept the customized lockers, if you want to make special lockers to show your unique, we can also satisfy you needs.

As always, if you have any questions about these or any other type of locker for customization, feel free to contact us. We can’t wait to help you find the perfect lockers for your school, office, gym, mud room, or anywhere you are in need of lockers. When it comes to lockers, the possibilities truly are endless as long as you believe in Jialifu.