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Gym locker room manners

It is no wonder that most foreigners have the hobby to do exercise in the fitness centers or gymnasiums in their spare time. And some people may step in the gym locker room at some point if they spend some time at the gym. May be there is a set of gym locker room manners can remind and regularize our behavior.

After an intense work, people may be in bad temper. Knowing how to keep within your own boundaries can make a longer way in remaining a friendly atmosphere.

Keep it covered!

Feeling at home in the gym locker room is not bad but it is actually not at home. People might feel satisfied with your body in all its glory, but your peers may not be. If nothing else, wrap it up in a towel.

Keep your eyesight

Life is different for anyone. That is to say, we don’t all have “perfect” bodies, some people have scars, burns, regrettable tattoos or even extra or lack of fingers or toes. Be nice and pick your curious. Don’t stare.

The locker room does not belong to you

Don’t clip your toenails or wax your legs in the locker room.

Wash your hands.

It is a common knowledge for us to wash our hands anytime when we are in restroom while a few of people lack of the awareness and directly to contact with the locker. A locker room is no different. The damp and warm condition makes it a great place for germs and bacteria growth.

Keep your showers short .

Aside from the fact that long showers waste water, it’s just rude to spend a long time there when others are waiting.

Be friendly, but not too hot.

People are fond of those who smile to others and can have a talk with a sense of humor when they are in the locker room or in spare time but may not after they’ve out on their pants.

Lock your locker.

The gyms or fitness center will provide the lockers for members but not offer the lock. Therefore, you’d better take a lock with your own. Or once your belongings have lost or been stolen, they are not in the line of it.

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