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The Project of H-laylati Wedding Hall, Saudi, Arabia

The H-Laylati Wedding Hall is one of the luxurious halls in Ash-Sarqiyah, Saudi and it is characterized with a unique decoration equipped with the latest technology offering the best services for weddings and engagement parties. It is a sacred and grand site to hold a romantic wedding for couples.

Jialifu takes the great honor to offer the lockers and benches for the project of H-Laylati Wedding Hall. It is a long story for us to reach the deal with the principal, Ziad. The time from the inquiry to place an order had lasted for about month as to the price, color, size, terms of payment and other details. During the time Ziad had flown to China to visit our products and test the performance of his lockers and benches. Since we had different types of locker locks, which had Ziad hard to make a decision, we took out our locker locks and show the operation for Ziad and then made him to test and experienced all of them by himself. Ziad finally chose the digital lock and he left a request that the quality and operation possibility of the ID cards must be under guaranteed. We Jialifu took a positive teamwork with Ziad to test thousands of ID cards one by one and thanks to Ziad’s requirement, we indeed found some problems among several ID cards and we changed the defective parts immediately.

Then Ziad told us that he wanted to take delivery of the goods as fast as possible. Therefore, the staff of the workshop had constantly worked overtime for several days to catch up with the delivery time which made us get a good remarks from Ziad.

As for the installation, it was much simple because Ziad had a group of engineers having a good command of the lockers and benches installation. They made a quick installation according to our installation instruction.

Now we keep in touch with Ziad and he express that he is quite willing to establish business relationship with us once the chance comes.