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How To Choose New School Lockers?

Are you looking for new school lockers? There are lots of choices in Jialifu, so we’ve explained the main options to help you decide what you need. They come in a variety of materials, sizes, colors and designs and it is totally customized for you. It is not doubt that it is good for students to place their staff.

A good school locker depends on lots of factors not just about materials of school lockers. Size, style, and locker accessories of school lockers also should be considered carefully. After reading these passage, you will know how to choose new school lockers.

Locker materials

There are four materials for school lockers in Jialifu, including HPL compact laminate, plywood, medium density fiberboard and particle board. Those board made for lockers all can play excellent performance with their own features and advantages. However, what we recommend mostly are HPL compact laminate board and plywood.

Plywood is a kind of material produced from thin layer or “plies” of wood splint to suppress together can reduce the tendency of each panel to split when nailing at the edges. Plywood lockers also won’t get expanded or shrunk and it makes the strength of the panel consistent across all direction.The thickness panel of Jialifu plywood locker can be 18mm-25mm with a strong function of moisture proof relating to a smooth and well-touch surface.

HPL compact laminate is made from decorative colored paper that contains leaching melamine resin. In addition, stacking multi-layer black or brown kraft paper that contains phenolic aldehyde or urea-formaldehyde resin up. Then using steel plate to suppress on the state 15 Celsius degree 1430 psi. Finally, laminate panel can be made. The thickness can be adjusted according to the quantity of kraft paper sheets. Compact laminate lockers can can make sure of the safety and stress bearing of the locker also can stop the water from permeation, fire from burn and bacteria from affection.

Lockers used in school corridor have a lot of demands placed on them. They need to hold up to heavy daily use, to be easy to maintain, and to work within the overall design scheme for the school building. When they are used in green school designs, they are subject to the scrutiny of additional requirements including material usage choices and contributions to indoor air quality. The traditional selections of metal and wood lockers are now being supplemented by products made out of high-density compact laminate.

Locker structure

Consider the actual storage space needed within the locker itself. Locker sizes are defined by tiers, meaning different levels are stacked vertically on top of one another. Lockers can be purchased in sizes of from one to six tiers. A one-tier locker is tall and slender, and is ideal for the school hallway or classroom where students need to hang long coats and scarves during the winter. A two-tier locker works if students are hanging shorter school uniform items, and are storing books and papers. Hooks can be placed on the inside of the door to hang clothing on. The more tiers you have, the smaller the storage space inside the locker. There are two structures of Jialifu lockers for your choice. Both of them work well with their own feature and advantages.

1.Aluminium Frame Lockers

As the name implies, this kind of locker is composed by the aluminum frame. All frames are under strict supervised process to make sure of the solid degree. Comparing with the other lockers, it can be firmer and more steady. Of course, some customers consider that this kind of locker looks more attractive.

2.Whole Panel Lockers

This is the prevail material that Jialifu is promoting, each part of the locker is made of the compact laminate except the accessories. The hpl panel is up to the standard of the environmental friendly building material requirements with strong performance in water and fire resistance, long term useful life and capable for great heavy load.

Locker accessories

Jialifu new school lockers will be sold with a series of locker accessoriesincluding door locks and keys, number plates, ventilation, clothes hooks or rod, lockers leg and roof. Most importantly, lockers with ventilation not only can keep outer panels dry, but also can keep inner room clean. Below is a list of accessories you may want to consider.


Lockers can be purchased with or without legs. Without legs, they sit flush on the floor. With legs, there’s open space between the locker and the floor. To meet the needs from the customers that the site they place the locker is rugged, Jialifu has created the adjustable supporting feet which can help customers with the above mentioned situation and the setting range is within 20mm. All the supporting feet are made of high grade 304 stainless steel steel which can bear with the heavy load from the locker and not easy rust.

2.Slope top panel

Lockers typically come with a flat top, which allows dust to accumulate and can be difficult for the maintenance crew to clean. The slope top panel facilitates much faster and easier cleaning.

3.Front and side bases

If you purchase lockers with legs, you might want to consider front and side base accessories. These panels enclose the space between the legs of the lockers on the front and side (at the end of a row of lockers). This prevents interesting rubbish from accumulating underneath the lockers.

4. Locker lock

Locks certain lockers, depending on the type of latch channel it has, require a certain type of lock for your school locker, but you can put most locks on most lockers. However make sure you are getting the right type of lock for the latch channel that you have. Many Schools choose combination locks in preference to locks with keys because the former eliminates the risk of students losing the key. It is a good idea to test the combination locks for ease of unlocking, before you purchase them.

All compact laminate products of Jialifu come in a high quality and competitive price. If you are looking for other more lockers, welcome to contact us to find more information. Wholesale customized lockers are provided with our professional design team. Jialifu, a professional lockers manufacturer and supplier in China lead toilet partition brand since 2001.