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How to Save Cost for Green Public Lockers?

With the increasingly complete of public facilities, public lockers have become standards in gym, swimming pool, office building, shopping mall, etc.

Nowadays, more and more green materials have replaced traditional materials, such as, HPL, plywood.

Some would appreciate the advantages of HPL lockers, but may worry about the cost. Today, JIALIFU will recommend several ways to save budget.

1. JIALIFU suggested that we could choose custom door, while other parts could use antique white color, which could not only achieve pretty effects, but save costs.

2. There are two types of lockers, whole panel locker and aluminum frame compact panel locker. Considering the material and feature, JIALIFU recommend whole panel locker.

3. JIALIFU recommend composite way, using plywood as back panel while HPL panel as door

JIALIFU recommends ways just for more people to use green public lockers.