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How’s The Standard Locker Size Of Jialifu And Why?

As it is known to us all that there are a lot of building material companies selling for all kinds of building materials and decoration materials, most people will feel at sea and couldn’t make a right direction of which one is better than others. Jialifu, playing as one of the building material companies, is a manufacturer specializing on producing the products made by compact laminates, especially in the hpl lockers. We couldn’t make sure that we are the best suppler of the hpl locker but we can assure you that we use the best material and best concentration in the products and service.

If you are trouble with how to choose the better size and specification of the hpl lockers and wonder how could be in a lower price...Why not consider our Jialifu?

Our standard locker size of the hpl lockers is total height of 1900mm including 100mm feet, depth of 400mm, width of 300mm with the thickness of 12mm. You can make you locker in 1 tier to six tiers even the Z lockers. Of course,the depth is various at each customer requirement so do the height and width. But, do you know why?

Well, according to amounts of tests and cases as well as our the devices efficiency, the standard locker size is the most rational design for the visual expression and is also can accommodate most of objects like the briefcases, schoolbags, handbags, PCs, shoes, folded cloths etc. And the practical cases suggested that the lockers in this size could be more durable. What’s more, the standard locker size is also popular with most customers. The standard locker size is both beneficial to the buyer and Jialifu for it is at a lower price for buyer and making the best use of the panel for Jialifu.

Certainly, this is just the standard size of the hpl lockers but not including all sizes of Jialifu hpl lockers. The height, width and depth are still available for changing if the customers require.