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The hpl fit lockers are highly recommended in fitness club

There are different kinds of lockers chosen to be applied in the fitness club, however, which kind of locker is more suitable? Pls view the news below may be you will approve my saying.

Miss He lives in Chongqing and she always goes to a healthy club called 25 hours fitness club recently has told the reporter that she had encountered something unpleased and angry.

The day when she came back from the fitness club, she felt unrelieved itchiness and then grew red a knot in one’s heart all over, she decided to take her workout clothes home to do a through cleaning and disinfection. To her shock, when she opened the fit locker door, there was mouse turd all around the locker with the ragged bag. Miss He was infected again by the bacteria and viruses for the second exposure, which made her illness worse.

This locker accident not only makes an influence on the user’s health, but also damage to the image and operation of the fitness club. We can learn from the truth that how important to choose the anti-corrosive fit locker in fitness center.

Jialifu is a professional locker manufacturer with 16 years in making the hpl lockers including the fit locker, school locker, gym locker and other lockers for home. The locker is made of the high grade laminate which is with high density in special technology, it can fit any conditions even though it is damp or dry. The fit locker won’t produce the peculiar smell in dark corner. As long as you leave several aspirails or slots on the locker, the fit locker can be guaranteed to use for at least 10 years and the keep away from the mouse.