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Jialifu Birthday Party in August

Time is a horrible and magical existence. You will regret of the fast passing time makes you too late to do what you have planned, on the other hand, time passing by will make people forget something unhappy and keep something memorable in mind.

It just remains the happy and meaningful memory for me since I came to Yuhua. The time goes fast unconsciously before I come into realization. It is the sixth birthday party of Yuhua since I became the employee here. Yuhua holds the monthly birthday party all over the year to celebrate the families whose birthday is coming after or is exact the day his or her birthday.

Each birthday party will not be the same as the former one, but the contents included is nearly the same. One part is the games and interaction with all staff to relieve themselves for working for whole day, another part is to celebrate the staff who have come to Yuhua for one or several anniversary to appreciate their contribution and support to the company, the last part is the theme of the birthday party, to give the gift prepared by the managers and share the cake with all staff, and the people on spot will give them the real wishes to those in the birthday

As for the comperes, they are chose by the discussion of each department manager and each staff in Yuhua can take turn to be a compere. It is a good chance to rich our experience and enhance the relationship with each staff to know more of each other.

The staff are playing games

The people whose birthday is coming along.

To share the cake and fruits together

The group picture