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Jialifu HPL locker and bench

Have you seen the following kind of hpl locker? The locker with the bench, we jialifu call it locker and bench. And the bench can be divided into two types. One can be used freely that you can place it anywhere and the other one is attached to the locker can not be removed by itself, but it can bring a lot convenience for the end-users.

Here we just talk a little about the later type of Jialifu HPL locker and bench.

This kind of locker and bench is very economical and practical. The length of the bench is the same as the length of the locker and the width is 300-400mm, and the thickness is 12mm. Of course, all these specifications are flexible according to the demand of customers.

As the reason that the bench is also made of the solid compact laminate, it is provided of the performances of the panel such as the water and fire resistance, impact and vandalism retardance, bacteria growth prevention etc. What’s more, the hpl locker with the bench will be more functional:

  • The bench is set up on the locker around 400mm above the earth which makes the locker possible to be more high with reach

  • The bench provides convenience for the tired users. For example, it is assumed that the locker is installed in the rail station, it can offer a place for the travelers standing for long time.

  • The locker height off the earth is the same as the bench, which makes it to stay away from the invasion of the dampness and gnats

  • It is more economical for this combination by comparison to buy the locker and several set of benches.




More features are looked forward to discovering with all of you.

If you have more ideas or look for the similar kind of HPL locker and bench, welcome to , we are willing to do a favor for you.