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Jialifu is in Sri Lanka for the project

Jialifu, the hpl locker manufacturer, from the start to present, we are showing our brand and strength not only by the fine product but also includes the considerable service. May be it is due to our duteous service so that we can retain our clients and attract more and more people to our clients.

Of course, action speaks loudly than voice, facts speak louder than words. It is useless for announcing without case.

Recently, one of our clients who comes from Sri Lanka has bought the unassembled from Jialifu. However, something problems about the hpl lockers and the our clients could not solve them. On the other hand, he was afraid of destroying the panels and accessories for fallacious installation, so he contacted us and hoped we could help him with the problems. After receiving the request, our engineers ordered the next morning tickets to the client’s homeland. Asham was quite happy and enthusiastic, he went to pick up our engineers and sent them to hotels. Then the next day, our engineers began talking with him on his problems.

Our engineer was discussing with the client

Try our best to solve the problem

The photo with the clients

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