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Jialifu June Birthday Party

The June Birthday Party of Jialifu got a successfully end on June 12, 2016.

The party was held at 7pm in our activity room and the comperes were our new colleagues, two lovely and energetic partners who gave us a funny and meaningful night.

The party becoming expecting came from the start of a magic show. It was unbelievable that there was such a potential talents in our Jialifu. Thanks to our family Mr Song bringing us such a wonderful visual expression.

The second part of the party was a game, 20 participants and we were divided into two teams, one team was named after fruits and another one was numbers. There was a piece of paper on the participant’s back written the fruit or number on it standing for themselves and the two team’s members had to protect their paper not to be teared down. Our range of activity was the first floor and second floor, the match was tight and finally the number team won the game.

The next part was still a game. This time 8 girls and 8 boys were divided into two teams and each team was divided into four groups which had two members, the requirements was to take turns to wear the provided shoes and hold your partner in your back to reach the destination. which team spent the less time could win out. And the girls team was defeated by the boys team.

The following part was to award the families who had made the whole year contributions to company and gave them some encouragement. Much appreciation to those families, it just because there were a group of employees who like them would like to devote themselves to Yuhua and made progress with all of us ao that Jialifu can make a further and obvious development in recent years.

After the moving moment, the next part fell in the game, the game was to compete out that which team could drink up all cups of beverage in a faster speed was the victor....

The last activity was the theme of the party, that was the families whose birthday were coming, Jialifu celebrate their birthday in advance and sent them presents and we shared the birthday cake, saw their happy moment together, to make them sensed the warmth and belonging from Jialifu. Because we are family!

The party was ended at about 9pm and we were looking forward to next birthday party.

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