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Why we JIALIFU promotes the hpl lockers

Nowadays, there are a wide range of locker manufacturers who specialize on producing different kinds of lockers. The lockers may be wooden lockers, may be plastic lockers, may be metal lockers, may be CDF lockers, may be MDF lockers... Although we Jialifu is a locker manufacturer with a long term experience on locker for 16 years, we mainly promote our hpl lockers. Do you know why we promote the hpl locker?

The hpl panel works as one of the modern popular building materials is reasonable because it is up to the notch of the world’s requirement of the green products, the lockers made of hpl laminates can be used indoors like your bedroom, kitchen, washroom, or living room, you do not worry that the lockers will beyond the formaldehyde standard. The hpl lockers made be Jialifu have passed the ISO9001, ISO14001 and SGS certifications, they are safe for people’s health with the strongly adaptive capacity to environment. That is to say, no matter where environment you place the hpl lockers, they can well fit in the conditions.

For the reasons that the hpl lockers play a well role in waterproof and fire resistance and hard to be deformed with the high density of the panel for its special manufacturing technology, the waste panel can’t be disposed as the regular practice, in our Jialifu, the locker manufacturers, the waste panels only sent to the smelter can be resolved in high temperature for recycle.

Then we come to contrast the hpl lockers with other locker materials. Comparing with the metal lockers, hpl lockers seem to be more silent and firmer, most importantly, the hpl locker will not rust and they are thicker than metal lockers. Comparing with the plastic lockers, hpl lockers are not as brittle as the plastic and they can withstand the huge load and great impact. Comparing with the wooden lockers, the obvious edge is that panel is mothproof and waterproof as well as low maintenance...

With so many advantages and higher cost performance, what are you waiting for? If you are interested of our hpl lockers, you can contact us or send email to us.