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Make school locker to offer the room for students

Recently, I have read a piece of news, the locker rooms of two schools were facing the huge renovations over this summer.

Among a lot of schools, the rusty, grimy and dented equipment prompted health concerns among parents such as the school lockers. Students were reportedly embarrassed by the conditions and they performed practically no function.

These two schools are Lakeland and Nansemond River High schools, and they now have top of the line locker rooms.

The schools made a decision to spend a cost to replace all of the old lockers into hpl lockers, replace the weight room equipment. Now, the lockers are heavy-duty, waterproof and fireproof with wire fronts for improving the ventilation and it is aimed yo prevent students from placing their drink here.

School spokesperson said that the idea to replace the lockers began early this year.

The improvements marked the first major locker room renovations since the schools opened in 1990.

Alumnus LaTroy Brinkley is grateful that the division finally took action.

“That’s very important – that they did listen,” he said. “Im a firm believer that we can do a whole lot together versus separated. It took teamwork to get this done.”

Bradshaw told that locker rooms at all three high schools and four middle schools were inspected, but ultimately, Lakeland and Nansemond River were the only two in need of improvements so we choose to use the hpl lockers.

Going forward, there are plans to frequently clean the new locker rooms to maintain the good shape.while use the hpl locker school, it will save quite a lot of cost and energy on it.

“Facility improvements are accomplished based on priority need and limited funds,” Bradshaw wrote via email.

The renovations have reportedly boosted student morale.

“The kids are motivated now,” Brinkley said. “Now their locker room is their personal space.”

“Everybody’s hyped up when they walk into that locker room and that weight room,” Epps said. Because they have their personal room and the school choose the durable hpl locker for them so that they dont worry of the safe events.

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