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Metal locker, wood locker, plastic locker, phenolic locker, which do you prefer?

There are all kinds of lockers around the world especially the large traffic occasions like the fitness centers, gyms, super markets, schools, large-scale bus stations, airports and etc. You could see there are often these four kind of locker materials. And do you know their differences?

Metal locker

The metal locker is comparatively a economical and fitted in the safe standard while is noisy, thin, easy to be rusted and dented. Most people choose the metal locker for its low cost and light weight. The wood locker is attracted for its real feeling but it is expensive and will be easy worn or destroyed under the hard use, this kind of locker is not so practical, it is often used for decoration and for the rich. When it comes to the plastic locker, this kind of locker come into effect of the water resistance and has low cost while it is often used for household and placed the light and valueless small parts. Besides, the plastic locker will be brittle and color fading for exposing to the strong sunlight and it lack of a good shape. Finally, it turn s to the phenolic board locker, this kind of locker can provide a high standard performance of waterproof, fireproof and corrosion resistance, easy leaning and has long service life. Although some special type and requirements of the locker such as the customized shape or pattern printed, logo carved will increase the expense on it, the effect is permanent. It won’t deform and the quality is assured.

Wood locker

Plastic locker

Phenolic locker

The panel of the hpl locker is the phenolic resin board, it is neither a plastic nor wood product while is related to include the excellent characteristics of both. The face component of the panel is the deco paper (laminate sheet) which is resistant to scratch and the inner material is sheets of kraft paper treated with phenolic resins to layer together in high temperature and pressure. This is why the panel is with high density and heavy load capacity.

With so many features on itself of the hpl locker, what are you waiting for? Jialifu hpl locker manufacturer will meet your requirements on the lockers.