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Provide the employee lockers also works as a form of the welfare diversification

Some of enterprises consider that to pay the welfare currencies to their staff can not only eliminate differences on the welfare requirements of the staff and it is visible but also can save the time and energy for the superior administrators in this way. However, every coin has two sides. Although this way is available and easy for operation, it will bring some negative effects for both the company and staff. For example, employees feel that the money they get and what they have contributed to the company don’t scale linearly, which makes the salaried welfare become an inevitable form to make up the short of the the employee salary. It will lead a result of feeling that the company doesn’t care much of them. Besides, the welfare currency will help employees grow the mind of money priority, to establish the equal relation between the labour and reward. As time passes, it will be hard for the administrators to increase staff’s cohesion and lack of the human-based management.

Once the American magazine called Fortune has selected the nation's most worth working for 100 companies. The common feature of these companies is that they all offer the diversified forms of welfares to their staff. Some companies think highly of the staff training so they invest a lot in this field, some companies will extend the paid leave, some companies offer the medical insurance for the retired and their relations, some companies set up the equal relations between the superiors and's worth noting that to provide the employee lockers is also one way to make welfare for employees. A firm and durable staff locker can offer the private space and make the employees feel that the companies respect them and care for them. You may not imagine that what the small locker can bring for the staff, but it does help to impress the image of the company on their minds

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