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Scary! The key to a swim locker is general for every one

Hilson is my friend, he once told me a matter about his encounter.

On that day , Hilson went to the indoor pool for swimming as usual and he put his cell phone in the swim locker and then locked it with the key. He went back to take his cell phone after two hours swimming, however, to his surprise, when he opened the locker door, he found his cell phone was lost. At the same time, there was somebody who had encountered the same matter with him. The manager told them they would make a through investigation and took some responsibilities for them.

About a week later, the manager contacted with him and told him the thief had been caught. The reason and detail of the theft were informed from the thief:

He said he came to swim in this indoor pool two weeks ago, he wanted to open his swim locker but he mistook it, to his surprise, he found the key was available for other lockers. On the occasion, the voracity held his mind rather than the conscience when he saw two cellphone lying in the swim locker. Getting the belongings without any effort made him more greedy so he went to the pool for several times. Unfortunately, he was found and caught this time he would be punished accordingly.

It alerts us that the importance a safe swim locker to people. Of course, the social moral and conscience are also importance to a person. We could not control a person’s thought and mind, but we can improve the quality of the swim locker.

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