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Some Questions About HPL Lockers

As tradition public lockers, most people just know iron lockers. However, with the appearance of new locker material, iron lockers will be replaced gradually, such as JIALIFU HPL lockers.

As we all know, HPL lockers are easy to clean, good performance in water, moisture, fire resistance. There are other advantages that may be unfamiliar for people.

1. Are there any differences between HPL lockers and iron lockers? Do HPL lockers play better crashworthy performance?

The answer is actually yes. In order to keep the feature of impact resistance, iron lockers need to paint in surface, while the HPL locker’s impact resistance is its natural feature, so HPL locker is better.

2. What can I do if I want to buy lockers but the ground is uneven?

Take it easy. JIALIFU will recommend adjustable supporting legs for you in such situation, which can readjust height to keep horizontal.


3. I like your lockers but it may be over budget.

To well service in customers, JIALIFU suggests combination option, which is to combine with HPL panels and plywood. You could choose plywood as back panels, side panel, while other choose HPL panels. (Click in to knoe the passage about plywood lockers.)

Know more details about combination option.