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PART 2: Some Questions ABOUT Public Lockers

1. If your could provide gym lockers?

The answer is actually yes. In order to meet the needs of gym lockers, JIALIFU design Z style lockers, special for fitness center, which not only can storage sports equipment, but can hang clothes with the clothes rails, making the maximum use of room.

2. How to keep public lockers free from odors?

The vent slots are designed to keep public lockers clean and with no smell. Although that, timely clean is necessary for the better effects.

3. Are HPL swimming pool lockers better than others?

Take it easy please. HPL swimming pool lockers are waterproof and moistureproof, with good performance on impact resistance. As tradition iron lockers, it may need to print on the surface, which means to extent construction period and increase additional cost.

4. If we could add patterns on the surface of lockers?

Yes. To meet different needs of different customers, JIALIFU can offer print or add patterns on the lockers.