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How to Design Office Staff Lockers in the Limited Room

Some managers want to customize staff lockers for their staff in companies, but the room is limited, so most people will give up such good ideas.

Actually, there are other solutions for such situation.

First, if the room is limited, it would be better to choose multiply tiers of lockers, like four-tier lockers or five-tier lockers.

Second, if there is no breaking room or the room in breaking room is not enough, it would be better to place lockers in the hallway, like this one. The lockers in the photo are made by our Jialifu. Placing lockers in the hallway won’t occupy much room, which must be an excellent solution.

(small staff lockers)

Facing the problem of limited room, turn to Jialifu. Our professional designer will design appropriate locker room for you. Moreover, Jialifu also offers free CAD drawings and 3D pictures, just for your most real visual effects.

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