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Success requires a lot of effort

Let’s go on the story about Rudy’s laminate lockers with Jialifu

When it comes to Rudy contacted us again and he decided to choose our Jialifu laminate lockers. And the time went by for two weeks, he suddenly contacted our salesman telling him that he is going to fly to China, we didn’t know that what he came for but in order to catch our customer, we positively contacted Rudy from when he would arrived in to where he was, he came alone without any friends or colleagues, we waited Rudy in the airport for two hours and they we took him to a hotel. Besides, Rudy also told us that he would find a manufacturer for ceiling, the time on that day, our salesman gave him the suggestion about the better supplier about the ceiling and took him to have a look.

Before Rudy came to China, he had completed the contract in word and he came to China for ensuring. The next day that Rudy came in China, we picked up him from hotel to our company then went on a long-time negotiation. Rudy wanted to change the ventilating slot from one to three of one laminate locker door. Then we both made a long time discussion for the price and finally Rudy agreed to change the thickness of the locker back from 12mm to 9mm but the ventilating slot must be included. Besides, he asked to change the former accessories of nylon series to aluminum alloy, thus we had to make the adjustment for the price. However, when the contract was closely concluded, Rudy wanted to change the aluminum alloy to 88 series ( more expensive than the previous series) but he was not willing to pay the extra cost, and he also ask to cut our price of the bench matching the laminate lockers...after the two-day negotiation, we made a lot of privilege and discount for Rudy and later we sent him to the airport before dawn, which left a deep impression on Rudy’s mind and got his approval of our service.

However, the story did not come to an end. After Rudy prepaid 30% value of the laminate lockers, he wanna change the color of the laminate lockers, it was no doubt that would breakout our former plan and we need time to transport the raw material. But Rudy asked us to deliver the goods as the contrast stated and showed that he wanted to take early delivery of the lockers, we had no choice but to make the workshop overwork lasting for half a month to catch with the delivery time. Later, we also sent him some of accessories as his requirement and made active work to meet his requirements and needs.

The story comes to an end here, it was really not easy for us to catch the mind of Rudy, but we Jialifu never giving up any customer and always trying our best to meet their needs has won quite a few of loyalty customers.