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The augment of school locker, the aspiration of students

With the gradual perfection of school education equipment, from the multi-media classroom to toilet partition, the augment of school locker is also becoming a urgent demand of students. In regard to the material of school locker, Jialifu recommends compact laminate panel.

At school, the only place that students can deposit articles is desk, while some students carried lunch box or snacks have no place to put. In this instance, Jialifu suggests it is scientific and reasonable to add some lockers in the back of classroom according to the number of students.

School locker as a public place, it is used by students everyday. So it is more practical to choose a impact-resistant material for school locker. Otherwise, it will easily damaged by crowed, which brings much inconvenience for students’ normal use and school’s maintenance and protection.

In addition, the environment-friendly performance of material is also can’t be ignored. You should know it is vital for the health of students who stay in classroom for a long time.

Therefore, Jialifu recommends compact laminate panel, which is more suitable for the material of school locker. And the advantages of impact-resistant, moisture-proof and environment-friendly have received much favor among many purchasers.

Jialifu believes that, HPL locker will make students’ school life more convenient, and improve school image to some degree. Know more please contact