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The design of the digital locker get the favor from users

Recent years, the digital locker has gradually become one of the popular safety devices in different supermarkets and bazaars. And do you know why the digital locker can get the favor from users? Regardless of the nice appearance and easy operation, here I would like to tell some something about the relevant knowledge about the digital locker.

The intelligent cart locker system is one of the ID applications. It is suitable for all kinds of membership supermarket, civil aviation, railway, subway, wharf, station, bazaar, bank finance security, library, beach, entertainment, spa and other use the magcard to charge(discharge) of the management system of the enterprise and public institutions.


1. Sequential operation

Adopt the ID locker controlling system which selected the optimized non-contacted card as the

electronic key is unique for impossible copy, offering the high accuracy and efficiency access service to users.

2. User-friendly and safe operation

Selected the non-contacted ID card as the access voucher ( or make the personal documentation as access voucher ) for the outstanding feature of uncopy, nonrepeat, watertightness and magnetic interference etc with the high safety and reliability. At the same time, the short time in reading card and easy operation make it popular quickly.

3. Flexible parametric setup

The users can via the management system to modify the device such as the number setting, the line setting, the user functional shift, the date and time setting etc according to demands

4. Humanized operation design

Clear UI adopts the LCD screen to tip for the users and managers

5. Energy saving design follows with economized society

It won’t cost much electricity when doors open and the consumption is extremely low when it is in standby of automatic protection.

Well, these are the features about the digital locker. Having learnt about the function of it, are you interested on it? You can contact us in