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The proposal of installing more school locker wins warm support

Nowadays, school locker is widespread among all kinds of school, but the number of them is not enough to meet so many students’ requirement, so some students offer a proposal of installing more school locker, which wins warm support from the public.

In order to persuade school administrators to accept this proposal, some students did a survey on the reasons of installing more school locker. Jialifu has summarized them into two large aspects.

For one thing, the lesson and assignment in high school is heavy, and all kinds of reference books pile up like a mountain. The capacity of desk is limited, they can’t put all books into it. The only place to put additional books is desktop, which narrows down their study space.

For another thing, the high school students even middle school students have grown to a certain age, they need some private space to store personal items. Besides, some schools’ PE class requires students to change uniform into sports wear, so it’s necessary for school to install more locker.

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