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The Reason why Tencent choosing JIALIFU as Public Locker Manufacturer

Tencent purchased public lockers from we JIALIFU.

Then do you know the advantages of JIALIFU locker?

1.The Locker Material

JIALIFU locker is made of HPL panel or plywood.

HPL Panel

It is made of decorative colored paper that contains leaching melamine resin. In addition, stacking multi-layer black or brown kraft paper that contains phenolic aldehyde or urea-formaldehyde resin up. Then, using steel plate to suppress on the state 150 Celsius degree 1430 psi.

Advantages: fireproof, waterproof, moistureproof, impact resistance, green

Plywood Panel

It is made of multi-layer wood with glue.

Advantages: moistureproof, waterproof, light weight, green

2.The Specifications

JIALIFU HPL lockers can be divided into two types, whole panel locker and aluminum frame compact panel locker.

The specifications of aluminum frame locker: (H)1850*(D)400*(W)300mm

The specifications of whole panel locker: (H)1900*(D)400*(W)300mm

The specifications of plywood locker: (H)1900*(D)400*(W)300mm

3.The Supporting Facilities of Locker

Lock Option

JIALIFU locker locks include key lock, cam lock, electrical lock, RFID lock, meeting different needs of customers

Bench Option

To offer convenience for users, JIALIFU provides locker room bench, which is made of 12mm HPL bench top and 304 stainless steel square tube.

The specifications of HPL bench: (L)1800*(W)400*(H)400 (Available for custom height)

We offer custom service for material, color, size, bench, hardware.

JIALIFU not only focused on public locker itself, but provides public with a kind of convenient public service.