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The second time in Dubai Big 5

Jialifu is a locker manufacturer started in 2001 and now has 16 years in manufacturing the toilet cubicles, lockers and benches, table tops made of hpl laminates. Our company, Yuhua Building Materials Co.,Ltd has been known by quite a lot of peers in the building material business. With Jialifu’s constant development and improvement, our products have gradually got the approvals from the customers in domestic and from abroad for the increasing advanced service level and better quality products. Now we are in a good market in the building materials business and the “Customer-centric, service oriented” is our work principle.

The Big 5 is the large scale exhibition with a series of construction trade fairs about international suppliers in construction products and services and known by the buyers from all over the world. We Jialifu has attended the Dubai Big 5 twice in 2015 and 2016.

In the Dubai Big 5 2016 from November 21 to 24, we mainly showed our new invented products, hpl honeycomb toilet cubicles and hpl lockers to visitors. And the performance of the hpl lockers had been explained detaily to the customers so that they had renew their acknowledge to the real hpl panels. To our surprise, the hpl honeycomb toilet cubicle had won much favorites and so many visitor came to view and learn about it from us. Based on the performance as the hpl panels in waterproof, fireproof and anti-impact, these performances are improved on the hpl honeycomb panel as well as the other functions such as the sound insulation and heat prevention.

We Jialifu constantly takes part in different exhibitions on the building materials around the world to make more people know about our products and our brand. It is lucky to meet and to be known by all of you. If you miss out us in the exhibition, don’t worry, may be we can meet next year. You can contact us in or know more Jialifu toilet cubicles in welcome for your visit.