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The up and down story about the laminate lockers

This is one of the encouraged story about the customer and Jialifu. Maybe it is with luck or maybe it is because of our persistence and the spirit of never giving up to drive us to get the customer.

The customer named Rudy is from new Caledonia, he saw our products in Made In China. From the beginning, the locker Rudy ask for is not in our range, but we made some suggestions and introduce our laminate locker for him trying to make him to consider our products, he did really change his mind and made an inquiry for our laminate lockers. Then we kept communicating until we made the quotation to him. But after that it came in peace without feedback, we tried to contact Rudy and greeted him for many times he finally replied to us. But he did not tell us whether he will choose us or not. Then, one day, Rudy told us that he was in Shanghai, the sudden news made us feel surprised and excited. To try our best to get the customer and show our kindness to him, our salesman hurried to order a ticket then fly to Shanghai to meet Rudy. While the next day in the hotel, Rudy didn’t talk about the laminate lockers and relevant events with our salesman but he talked a lot for his company and main products and he didn’t mention any question about us. He flied back to his country the next morning and our salesman had to go back to company. At that time, we felt that Rudy was sure not to choose us because we later got known that he turned to find another company selling products for the health care. However, Rudy contacted us and gave us reply to get more details about the locker, then we seemed to feel a sense of hope. We tried our best to meet the needs of Rudy, we even helped him to find other manufacturers producing the accessories he desired. At last, Rudy decided to fly to China again and paid a visit to our company and discussed more details about the order. Our salesman had already made preparation for picking up Rudy......

The story about Rudy and Jialifu locker is not over yet, if you are interested about the story, please attention our website: , we will tell you what happen next.