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What should be required to be an excellent supplier

When an enterprise has made a development at a certain stage, export becomes a necessary step to expand its business in such a global age in accordance with the products. Many principle about import & export are strongly promoting international trade, but from the point of view of an importer, what is your actual demand, in other words, What should be required to be an excellent supplier?

Jialifu, famous as a hpl locker manufacturer is not only concerned to provide the toilet cubicles for customers but also devote himself to offering the considerable service for customers. Enjoying over 870,000 customers from all over the world and summaring from the survey of the customers and peer friends. Jialifu has sorted out the factors to the question about whta should be required to be an excellent supplier.

And here are the reasons why people choose our Jialifu, we consider that may be it will do a favor for you.

1.Quick response

In the stage of pre-sale, offer, inquiry and other normal steps online are necessary, but why he chooses to cooperate with you among thousands of suppliers? The most direct factor should owe to your reply rate. Try to consider as an importer and you will realize it really sucks getting no reply after a long wait especially worrying for a quotation.

2.Free sample

It actually depends on the products you supply, but normally in the initial transaction sample is like a “strong pill” improving his confidence in your business. At that time, is free sample a pleasure which could facilitate a deal ? It sounds like a psychological game and you could win in details.

3.Customized design

In the construction of architecture&planning, it is so common since it is an issue of service attitude. Like commercial hpl locker (locker size, patterns, matching colors etc ) that Jialifu could customize for customers with different building style. I firmly believe you could improve your service from details considering for your customer and customer’s customer--consumer. For example,as a little screw, it could be less sharper through your craftsmanship which could provide a better protection for all.

4.Fast delivery

Delivery has always been a primary issue in an international trade and so much force majeure effect the final delivery time. Therefore, doing well in your part is what you could exactly do. Shorten the time of product production and delivering to port of shipment, you will find it small but effective.For instance, Jialifu commercial hpl lockers are handled with many process but we have an exact plan and control before manufacturing and make sure it will be delivered in the first time.

5.warranty & additional service

There is no doubt that your customer will never dislike a long term warranty and additional service. For instance, as we Jialifu are manufacturing toilet cubicle, hpl locker, free installation video are key factor so as to help you finish installation and free spare parts could offer you convenience. The 5-year quality assurance makes you use at ease without any worries. Doesn’t it seems considerable?

It will never mean that reaching to those requirements is equal to be an excellent locker manufacturer but they are the essential factors relating on your business success. To become an excellent supplier asks for constant development and improvement of the service standard and quality of your products.

About Jialifu, we always keep these standards in mind and try on manufacturing and selling the hpl locker. We are learning to be better and we are forwarding.