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What’s the advantages of HPL locker?

The traditional lockers are easy to get rusty, sunken for the impact with the color drub, and the wooden lockers are easy to get humid, corrosive and environment will help with the growth of bacteria and odours. Jialifu HPL locker can solve all of these problems.

Compare to other materials, HPL locker has such advantages:

1. Anti-shock and anti-smoke

2. Water, fire and moisture resistance

3. Corrosion and rust-proof

4. Easy to clean without odours and fungal growth

5. Colors diversity

6. 20 years service life with low maintenance

7. Maximum protection by soft closing hinge


Jialifu lockers are suitable for applying to hospitals, water parks, swimming pools, gymnasiums, chambers, fitness centers, shopping malls, golf courses, factories and schools, etc. Welcome to contact us on