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Which Places are Suitable for HPL Lockers?

Nowadays compact laminate panel is famous for its features in the marketing, so today JIALIFU will introduce that which way could work to its advantages.

Firstly, know the features of compact laminate panel.

1. The high density of HPL panel makes them impact resistance.

2. HPL panel is anti-acid, anti-corrosion.

3. Expect above advantages, HPL panel is also waterproof, moistureproof, fireproof.

Therefore, it is not difficult to find that using HPL panels as the material of public lockers will work to advantages of HPL panel in gym, office building, shopping mall, station, school, hotel, etc.

Why did I make such conclusion?

For my rich experiences, the common features of there places are following.

1. High-traffic area cannot avoid impact.

2. Exist acid danger, so it need to anti acid.

3. As public lockers, fire resistance must be necessary.

Therefore, JIALIFU insists that HPL locker is the best choice for public locker.