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Here we Jialifu provides the style options about the hpl lockers, locker with bench, aluminium fram lockers,supporting feet for reference

Adjustable Supporting Feet

To meet the needs from the customers that the site they place the locker is rugged, Jialifu has created the adjustable supporting feet which can help customers with the above mentioned situation and the setting range is within 20mm. All the supporting feet are made of high grade 304 stainless steel  steel which can bear with the heavy load from the locker and not easy rust. 

Here are some of Jialifu locker supporting feet. 

Locker with Bench

This kind of locker is often seen in the changing room, fitness center and gym clubs as it not only make a room for users for rest or place something not so important but also save the cost comparing with buying the intact benches. To meet the different requirements in the structure of lockers, Jialifu is available for the locker with bench design. 

Aluminium Frame Lockers

As the name implies, this kind of locker is composed by the aluminum frame. All frames are under strict supervised process to make sure of the solid degree. Comparing with the other lockers, it can be firmer and more steady. Of course, some customers consider that this kind of locker looks more attractive.

Whole Panel Lockers

This is the prevail material that Jialifu is promoting, each part of the locker is made of the compact laminate except the accessories. The hpl panel is up to the standard of the environmental friendly building material requirements with strong performance in water and fire resistance, long term useful life and capable for great heavy load. 


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