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Do A School Really Need the School Locker?

With more attention on education, school lockers can be seen everywhere. Some appreciate it, others argue it.

July 10, 2017

JIALIFU will participate ARCHIDEX 17th in Malaysia, from 19-22 July, 2017.

July 17, 2017
ARCHIDEX 17th Comes to A Successful End

Archidex 17th comes to a successful end in 22, July, 2017.

July, 24, 2017
Do Companies Need Office Lockers?

Office lockers are need to be set in office buildings, not only for staffs, but for companies.

July, 24, 2015
Another Material Can be Used for Lockers--Plywood

The most widely used material for locker is HPL panel, while plywood also can be used for lockers, but there are few people familiar with it.

August, 1, 2017